Oregano oil: yellow-red or brown-red essential oil, with all the spicy aroma of thyme, insoluble in glycerin and water, soluble in ethanol, but also soluble in most non-essential oils and propylene glycol. Boiling point: 236~237℃; Melting point: 0.5~1℃; Flash point: 100℃; Optical rotation: -2~+3℃; Refractive index: 1.5024~1.5048; Relative density: 0.9356~0.9336; Heavy metal test: negative; Does not contain organic solvents such as ethanol.

Properties: yellowish to brownish red, oily liquid with spicy smell like thyme, insoluble in glycerin, soluble in ethanol, soluble in most non-volatile oils and propylene glycol. Premix is white powder.

Density: 0.939, flash point: 147-ordm; F; Optical rotation: -2~+3℃

Risk terms :R22:; R24:; R36/38:;

Security terms :S26:; S36/37:; S45:;