Morphological characteristics

Evergreen trees, up to 10m high. Leaves opposite, petiole obvious; Leaf blade oblong-ovate or oblong-obovate, 5 -- 10cm long, 2.5 -- 5cm wide, apex acuminate or acute, base narrow often spreading sessile, entire. Flowers fragrant, composed of terminal cyme panicles; Calyx hypertrophic, greenish later purplish, long tubular, apex 4-lobed, lobes triangular; Corolla white, slightly lilac, short tubular vavose, 4-lobed; Stamens numerous, anthers longitudinally cleft; Ovary inferior, united with calyx tube, style thick, stigma inconspicuous. Berry reddish brown, oblong, 1 -- 1.5cm long, 5 -- 8mm in diam., apex with persistent sepals, seeds oblong.